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Casa Event Productions LLC is an event production company specializing in immersive storytelling and refined event experiences. Through creative collaboration, we bring together all the right elements to bring your vision to life.


I believe I am producing something greater than events - I'm curating moments that create memories to last a lifetime; an invaluable experience that can only be had one time. This is why, from logistics to design, I am meticulous about the details and organization that help to achieve your celebration in an organic way.

I credit my experience in production to the employers I have learned from before launching Casa Event Productions. These include: City Of Santa Barbara - Special Events, Sterling Engagements Inc., Patina Restaurant Group, and Hospitality Collaborative. Working with these companies has given me a strategic lens in event production and has sharpened who I have become as a Los Angeles based premier event producer. So much so, to take on the challenge of events ranging from Leonardo DiCaprio's Christmas party, to the Art and Film Gala, and destination weddings.

Needless to say, I am so grateful. Now, I am honored to service my clients and community through curiosity and care with Casa Event Productions, providing consultation & planning, for a refined event experience.

Casa Event Productions LLC provides full production planning, partial production planning, and custom curated services in between. 

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